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Solutions for the personalized medicine

The mission of our company is to provide analyses and services for the professionals in the Life Science. We are focusing on the translation of the primary research in the field of genetic profiling to the innovative solutions for the patients. Our approach is to develop and maintain infrastructure (algorithms, databases and methods for secure data storage) for processing personalized genetic data. We have a team of professionals in the field of next generation sequencing (NGS). Our portfolio consists not only of the data analysis but also in development of the software for the applications in NGS. We also provide advisory services and consultancy to the scientists and Life Science professionals.


To help researchers in life science to interpret their data is always very simulative for our company. As wrong decisions in the design of the experiment might undermine the results with a small chance to rescue them by data analysis, the PersMed offers Consultancy/Advisory Services. We can underpin the scientific ideas with the reliable experiments that prove to be statistically consistent. We can create or review your whole experimental protocol and recommend changes where needed. We aim to balance cost effectiveness, statistical power, and the used experimental techniques to be able of providing reliable final data interpretation to our customers.

NGS analysis

The field of DNA sequencing is highly competitive and there is a tremendous number of software tools and sequencing platforms. We understand that even the researchers cannot keep up with the release dates of every tool. Therefore, we use the most up to date software tools to provide our customers with reliable analysis of their NGS data. We always start with the quality control of the raw data. Then we perform reference genome mapping, annotation and downstream analysis. We analyze data from RNA-seq, whole genome sequencing, exome sequencing and amplicon sequencing. We always consult particular choice of software tools that best fits given task with our customers.

Software development

Data analysis involves using multiple software tools and databases. The data needs to be transferred from one format to another or stored in a special format to exchange them between facilities. We create software tools for data processing in order to be able to process them effectively and quickly. We also develop frontend tools for researchers without any software engineering training to be able to run processing pipelines. For bigger software projects, we use Java language. For writing the scripts to run tools from Bioconductor repository we use R-project and Bioconductor. For general projects we script the tools in Python or BASH. Particular choice is being consulted with our customers.